Infertility Therapy Goals

In here you are offered help to do following:

  • Decrease the isolation often experienced with infertility
  • Reduce the physical symptoms of stress, including fatigue, headache, and insomnia
  • Examine lifestyle behaviors (sleep, diet, exercise etc.)
  • Learn and practice a variety of relaxation methods and cognitive behavioral strategies
  • Cope with emotions
  • Explore ways how to nurture Inner-self
  • Practice the art of effective communication

I offer:

Couple Counseling For Fertility
I offer supportive environment for you and your partner so you can work through all the emotions this challenge brings. You will explore belief systems and life style choices to determine if they might be creating obstacles for the fertile stage. We will practice stress reduction techniques such as relaxation, calm breathing, imagery, and mindfulness to give you a sense of control. You will learn self-hypnosis and/or tapping to utilize it as preparation for the treatment and will help each other practice it whenever needed.

Hypnotherapy For Fertility
Based on years of research, it addresses the emotional issues that occur as a result of infertility. It consists of an individual scripted visualization/relaxation that will help resolve the anxieties and concerns women have as a result of infertility, loss, and change.

What does Hypnotherapy For Fertility Involve?
The first session consists of an exploration of the beliefs that influence your experience of infertility. An individual script will be created which you will be guided through during the second session. 

Hypnotherapy For Fertility can help women cope with IVF and other ART procedures and can support women with:

  • History of miscarriage, Stillbirth 
  • pregnancy termination
  • Conflict with partner
  • History of sexual or physical abuse, phobias, panic

Sandtray Therapy For Fertility and Loss
SandTray is an expressive therapy technique where miniatures and sand are the tools to express the creative Self. Sandtray offer a way to experience your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs by bringing them into a conscious level. This technique allows you to get connected with your own inner wisdom and  thus start the process of healing.

Sandtray can help you understand and heal any fears about infertility, pregnancy and/or motherhood. By making worlds/or scenes in the sand you are allowing your subconscious mind to discover your strengths and resources, that will empower you to create and maintain a fertile stage.