Individual therapy

Individual therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes and are usually scheduled on a weekly basis. As early as our first contact we will begin to identify your strengths, exploring your challenges and clarify your goals. I will collaborate with you to find the right combination of approaches and techniques to ensure you access your authentic self, find some answers and options, and become clear of your path.  

Couples therapy

Couple therapy sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes long and are typically held on a weekly basis. The main focus of couples counseling are relationship issues, communication problems or feelings of being lonely, criticized and misunderstood. The goals are typically to strengthen your relationship, become aware of your connectedness and strengths, give your tools for healthy communication and explore options. My role is to offer safe place for you to talk, to reflect and summarize what I hear and observe. I am not an adviser but may suggest ways to improve or alter some of your thoughts or pattern. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are 90 minutes and are held on a weekly basis. The group size is between three to eight people. Groups are for people with similar challenges. The groups can be limited to 6 or 8 weeks or be ongoing with the focus on continuing support. The goals are to offer mutual support and encouragement, exchange information and tips, learn coping skills and relaxation techniques to manage reproductive challenges.

To enroll in group therapy, please contact me for a brief interview and intake to match your needs to the appropriate group. New groups coming soon! 

In-home sessions: During pregnancy and postpartum period.